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To download and submit forms, we strongly recommend using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you experience issues and you do not have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here for instructions to download a newer version.

Submitted forms are sent to franksharp@WatershedLoans.com.

To return to our web site from a pdf file, use the back button in your browser.

Borrower Application Form (Click Here)
This 1 page form needs to be completed so Watershed can pull a credit report to determine whether you are an approved borrower. Submit the completed form to Watershed with your payment of $25. You will be notified within 24 hours whether you have been approved.

Credit Card Authorization for Fee Payments (Click Here)
Use this form to pay the $25 Application Fee or Appraisal and Inspection Fees.

Credit Card Authorization for Loan Interest Payments (Click Here)
Use this form to pay monthly interest due.

Loan Request Form (Click Here)
This form needs to be completed whenever you are requesting a loan. Complete the online form and submit to Watershed with your Earnest Money Contract signed by all parties. You normally will be notified within 24 hours whether you have received preliminary loan approval.

Loan Calculation Worksheet (Click Here To Download)
This one-page worksheet will estimate the net profit in your deal for Best Case and Worst Case scenarios. It also estimates how much cash you will need at closing.

Scope of Work Form (Click Here)
This 8 page form can help you to determine what work will be done in rehabbing, remodeling, or updating the property to bring it to a good, marketable condition. The form is organized by the trades and specialty companies providing services to real estate investors. Accordingly, you can easily obtain and compare bids from general contractors as well as sub-contractors. We also encourage you to complete the form to the best of your ability before you make an offer on a property.

Cost of Work Form (Click Here)
This 5 page form contains estimated costs (materials, labor, and taxes) for most of the items in the “Scope of Work” form. The cost for many repairs is not included here because the extent of the needed repair will dictate the repair cost. By using the cost estimates shown on this form, you and our inspector will be able to determine the estimated costs for the scope of work to be done.


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